Since 2021,NFT Digital Collections Market be raging like a storm….

Though the data analysis:

In May 200,the trading volume of the NFT market exceeded $24 billion ,a record high with a growth rate of 20% compared with January and the number of on-chain transactions exceeded 9 million.

Despite the bear market was coming,the NFT trading market is still not week,and even in a steady growth,which is enough to see how hot the NFTS is.

NFTGAMER,A dark horse born in  troubled times

Great undertakings and great platforms are created by catching market pain points.

In the digital era, traditional art collections upgrade digital collections, more convenient for collectors to collect, more convenient to determine the uniqueness of art works, more convenient for the flow of art collection storage and trading..

This is why Opensea ,the leading of NFT trading platform all aruond the world,was born.

NFT GAMER is trying to go beyond the OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT platform,and makes unremitting efforts to perfect the innovation revolution of NFT works in coinage, transaction, liquidity and other aspects.

At present,NFT collection market pain point:

The current NFT could not circulate freely in the whole ecosystem, which greatly limited the liquidity of NFT. Thus, THE NFT GAMER platform was born as a representative of highly liquid transactions.

NFTGAMER will be launched globally in the near future, and it will be the first NFT IP [tech ape]series in the world, created jointly with world-renowned artists.

NFTGAMER platform introduction

NFTGAMER is an NFT trading platform solely established by Dunamu,a leading Fintech company in South Korea.

NFTGAMER built by BEP20 blockchain,has the most a abundant types of NFT,with nine categories of products on the trading: Art/Music/Internet Domain /Metaverse/Trading Card/ Collectibles/Sports and Functionality..

NFT GAMER aims to bridge the gap between NFT creators and investors around the world by providing a reliable/earning NFT digital collectible trading platform.

TECH APE introduction

Tech Ape NFT,is a new force NFT combining science and technology trend and cyberpunk style. As a perfect combination of art and crypto punk in Z era, the NFT is written by zhang Hongjun, a famous Chinese painter in Australia, and created jointly by many national artists with artistic talent, which can be called the strongest technological form NFT. At present, science and technology ape is only in NFT Exclusive to GAMER platform.

Tech Ape NFT trading rights

Tech Ape NFT will be issued in the form of blind boxes, with a total circulation of 3,000 copies, and the first batch of 300 copies. The issuance of other works is generated by the synthesis of fragments of transaction rewards. Tech Ape NFT is divided into R, S, RS, RSS Four levels, the initial issue price is 100-800USDT, Metarea Digital Collection Trading Center undertakes the issuance and trading of Tech Ape NFTs at four levels of R, S, RS, and RSS. The prop NFT obtained by the user can obtain the following benefits.

1. Staking profit: Tech Ape NFT obtained from each auction can be pledged for 3 days to obtain 1 fragment of the same level, and a total of 10 fragments can be synthesized into a new Tech Ape NFT. Each Tech Ape NFT needs to be traded once every 3 days before it can be pledged again to generate new fragments, and the non-circulating Tech Ape NFT cannot continue to generate fragments.

2. Game profit: Tech Ape NFTs that have been competed can be withdrawn to the contracted GameFi platform to participate in the game to earn rewards. The estimated monthly return of the making income is 30-50%. The specific income depends on the level of the hero in the game, the player game strategy and proficiency.

3. Other benefits: The fragments obtained from the transaction have a probability of appearing NFTs of famous works, signed luxury goods delivery vouchers, negotiable securities, valuable artworks, etc. when they are synthesized.

To sum up

Currently, the NFTGAMER platform is about to open in private beta.

As you can see from social media such as Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, NFTGAMER’s popularity continues to grow.

I believe that NFTGAMER’s HFT economic model and TECH APE’s top-notch IP build will enable NFTGAMER to quickly gain ground in the digital collectibles market.

Well, let’s just see about that.

By Parker

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