As an emerging governance model, DAO has been more popular and accepted by young people with a “Fairer” economic model, a “more Reasonable” control logic, and a “more Transparent” financial and decision-making process system.

In recent years, NFT has become a hot word in the circle, attracting many young people to enter the Cryptocurrency world. Compared with the auction price, it is obvious that the value of its confirmation of rights is more attractive to the development of the universe and GameFi.

In addition, DeFi has always been the basis of many current Web3.0 projects. It is more authoritative to set contracts in the form of protocol and execute them in code, which embodies the spirit of blockchain and truly realizes the elimination of default and disputes.

Recently, Door Block DAO, an investment incubator organization jointly initiated by Capital Advisors (RBR), the largest Hedge fund in Switzerland, and many senior people in the field of philosophy, technology, and economy, combined the three. Using its original DeFi+DAO+NFT mechanism model, attracted the attention of many people.

DBD itself with its spirit of fair and democratic core, unique operation logic, and reasonable token issuance mechanism to expand the mechanism as the foundation of the project, seize the latest and most popular young track as the entry point of organization, such a business philosophy will lead DBD to become a giant in the industry.

The DBD team stated that their mission will always be to build an industry-financing self-running incubator Dao organization. It is committed to making the kindness of human nature the driving force of economic operation, facilitating the continuous development of the meta-universe, promoting the transformation of world civilization, and being a pioneer in the digital era. To this end, DBD will make extraordinary efforts to return results to the world.

Investing is more than a judgment call. Many times, you need a judgment call. 10 years ago, no one believed bitcoin was the best investment, they missed the opportunity of wealth freedom, 5 years ago, no one believed Ethereum was the best investment, they missed the king of the public chain, a year ago, no one believed Dogecoin was the best investment, they missed a hundredfold growth. Now I tell you DBD is the best investment, are you still hesitating?

By Parker

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